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About Me

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Hi, I'm Tyler Scherr

My passion for dog training began when I adopted my dog, Starlin, who was showing very aggressive behavior towards other dogs. I was desperate to help her improve her aggression and began researching training techniques and eventually attended a dog training seminar with her that solidified my love for dog training. The more I learned, the more I knew that I could help others in the same situation.


I began helping friends and families with their dogs for several years, working with dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. In October of 2020 I began training dogs full-time. Since then, I’ve been focusing on giving clients the best relationship with their dog by taking away the frustrations that their dog may bring.

My Philosophy

At Capital Canine, our philosophy is providing training that is balanced and beneficial. We are focused on utilizing whatever will work best for the dog in front of us. Food, praise and play are our common training tactics.

We specialize in providing behavior modification and obedience training. What is that exactly? Encouraging and rewarding behavior that is fun, effective, and enjoyable for both owners and dogs.

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