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Image by Jamie Street


  • What is your training process/method?
    Like people, no two dogs are the same. In order to focus on your individual dog and your specific goals, we use a balanced training approach that involves training with rewards, enhanced communication, and corrections. Throughout this process, we focus on building your dog’s motivation, improving consistency in behaviors, and strengthening the relationship with your dog to lay the foundation for long-lasting success.
  • Do you train dogs of any breed, age and size?"
    Yes! Whether you have a labrador, pit bull, or a beagle, we work with all breeds of all sizes. We will also work with puppies and everything in between. With puppies, we don’t do intense training and instead help owners lay the foundation for their new dog.
  • Can you help with aggressive dogs?
    Yes, dog aggression is a complex issue that can be different with every dog. We pride ourselves on the ability to understand each dog’s background and goals in order to create a customized training program to treat their aggression.
  • Do you guarantee results?
    We’ve never seen a dog that we couldn’t improve. That being said, it takes time to correct your dog's behavior — especially long-standing behaviors. The success of you and your dog is my priority and I will do everything in my power to help you and your dog succeed. The most important thing to keep in mind is that dog training is a team effort. There will be homework and the harder you work with your dog the better the outcome will be.
  • Do you allow kids to help with training?
    Yes! We want each dog's family to feel comfortable and confident training their dog. We are happy to bring your kids into the training process to show them how they can help their dog succeed too.
  • Where does training take place?
    This depends on the type of training we are doing. Board and trains are always at my home, whereas our homeschooling program takes place at the dog’s home. Private sessions are usually at my home, but depending on the issues and situation, it may be at your home or in a public area.
  • How far in advance do you need to book?
    We have more flexibility with booking homeschooling and private sessions, but we recommend booking 2 weeks in advance. Due to the demand and limited availability for board and trains, we recommend booking as early as possible since wait times typically range between 2–10 weeks.
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